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24-09-2010, 10:04 PM
Plessey PDRM82 (Portable Dose Rate Meter)

In 1982 the British PDRM82 were issued for civil defense. This 'Tricorder'-design portable PDRM82 was lightweight with an LCD display and a plastic case and has all the electronics including miniature geiger tube (shielded against beta particles) on a single, EMP-hardened, PCB. It was designed by Plessey to use three standard readily available 1.5 volt batteries, and was microprocessor controlled with digital readout.

Plessey PDRM82(f) Portable Dose Rate Meter (Fixed)

The instrument was also provided in the fixed version designated the PDRM82(F) The fixed version had an external coaxial socket mounted on its rear, that accepted a cable from the above ground ionisation detector under a polycarbinate dome. For training purposes timed simulated readings could be fed to the meter from an Eprom. Only the PDRM82(f) could be used in conjunction with the fixed survey meter.

I have these items, but they are in my garage. I'll snap some shots of them in the meantime, however, i'm sure some of you already have some to post up. I havent taken any photos of my ROC Equipment.

25-09-2010, 04:03 PM
Here is an image from the 1980's civil protection brochure, showing the pdrm82 in use- the guy on the left has a fantastic comb over dont you think?


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Thats what my hair looks like! Nice one Ernie :)

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Sorry to be 'Mr Correction' again but PDRM stand for 'PORTABLE Dose Rate Meter' not 'PERSONAL'.

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Yes i know, i copied and pasted that from elsewhere and never realised :)

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:lol: Thought it was written too well!

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haha i have an A* in English Language i'll have you know!