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23-09-2010, 09:18 PM
Just copied this from my website really, but thought it may be useful for those that don't exactly know what the above ground structures are and why they were used.

The Access Shaft & Hatch
These are found in varying states of decay. Some may have lots of paint remaining whilst others have no paint at all. The hatch may be rusty or detached.

The shaft usually has a step up to it, were the step is in correlation varies to where the ladders are. Sometimes the counterweight may be on the same side of the hinge or sometimes they may be on a different side.


In the days of the operational ROC Post prior to 1989 the hatch would have consisted of: The lid, the Tbar locking system, a locking bar, Chubb battleship padlocks. Most locking bars were removed at stand down. The Tbar was a unique key (http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/10012-ROC-Post-Key-Drawings.) to open the hatch. They were split into about 5 different types, for different areas of the country.


A standard hatch. Note the tbar key protruding from the mechanism.

In 1989 in more built up/residential areas, a new more high security hatch was invented - The Torlift. This was a larger hatch which consisted of a plug and plug extractor to open up the hatch.

The GZI (http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/10021-The-Ground-Zero-Indicator-Equipment-Information?p=130037#post130037) Mount

A circular mount with three hole arranged in a triangular pattern, usually mounted on the ventilation stack next to the access hatch but sometimes on the secondary ventilation stack or other random places. For the mounting of the ground zero indicator.

FSM Pipe

The larger of the two pipes, it has a bolted top which would be removed and instead have a polycarbonate dome containing an ionising detector head.


BPI (http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/10022-The-Bomb-Power-Indicator-Equipment-Information?p=130038#post130038)Pipe

A small pipe sticking out the ground which the BPI baffle plates would be attached too when in operation. The pipe leads all the way down to the Bomb Power Indicator in the post.


Second Ventilation Stack

This is for air ventilation in the monitoring room and could be controlled by a sliding metal door inside the post. If the post was a mster(radio) post, the vent would have a metal dome attatched to the side for arial connections.
See above picture.

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Nice mate, Middlesmoor post a plenty :-)

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Lol you cant not mistake it. You can spot it from 20 miles away!!! Some clever idea to paint it white. Is an intresting paint scheme though. Im re-painting mine with the official MOD Colours, im gonna get it mixed by Dulux as i have the colour codes.

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anti-flash white is the new mod green :-)